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As Lyndon B. Johnson proved (illustrated above), even the class clown can grow up to do great, great things. He accomplished a lot during his five years as America's president. Nothing pleased him more than signing laws designed to help students and teachers.

And at Quirk Books (we're the publishers of the Kid Legends series, hi!) we like helping students and teachers as well. Also, librarians! Below, you'll find some resources for your classrooms and libraries.

boardClick here to download a free educator's guide for Kid Presidents, complete with reading activities, trivia, and more! And here, you can download a fun event kit too!

We have curriculum guides for Kid Athletes and Kid Artists, too!

Want to promote Kid Presidents, Kid Athletes, or Kid Artists in your classroom or library? Have an eager reader that really loves the book? We'd be more than happy to send a poster (or two, or three!) your way. Send your request over to Marketing@quirkbooks.com.

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